AASA 2018

From July to November of 2018, INTBAU Albania has been engaged with the Summer Academy 2018, in collaboration with Atelier Albania and NTPA – National Territorial Planning Agency. AASA 2018 tries to build a potential informational and innovative material / platform on the Devoll Lake Area and Devoll Valley resulting from bottom-up thinking, with indications coming from the local population and concrete terrain conditions. The main purpose is to provide suggestions for activities, events and anniversaries that may serve to attract more visitors to the area.

INTBAU Albania was part of this process, enabling the organization and realization of the AA 2018 Summer Academy. The working group stayed for four weeks in the Prespa Lake and Devoll Valley areas, where they became better acquainted with the region and managed to read better the territory. The proposals from the working group are deeply based on the local character; culture, traditions, nature and socio-economic elements of the area.