About Us

INTBAU Albania

The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism, INTBAU, is an international educational charity which works under the Patronage of HRH the Prince of Wales to promote traditional architecture, urbanism and building arts. The Secretariat of the organisation is based in London, United Kingdom. 22 national Chapters of INTBAU are established as independent, affiliated charities in countries around the world.

INTBAU Albania established in 2015, is a think tank devoted to the support of traditional building, the maintenance of local character and the design of improved and sustainable urban development. INTBAU – Albania aims to creating an active network of individuals and institutions that protect, maintain, design, study or promote traditional building, architecture and urbanism.

INTBAU Albania by education and training in traditional architecture, urbanism and the building crafts, encourages people to maintain and restore traditional buildings, and to build new buildings and places that contribute to traditional environments and improve the quality of life in cities, towns and villages in Albania. Education, research and training are the instruments chosen to contribute and to assist local communities to preserve their traditions and identity, through architecture and urban design workshops that bring together practitioners, artisans and students.

Aims & Objectives



Developing the international network to share the common wisdom, collective memory and inherent sustainability of traditional buildings and towns, cities and public places, through local preservation, regeneration and new construction.



Partnership with other individuals and groups to create educational and post-professional training programmers, workshops, conferences, lectures, seminars, tours, research, and publications, for the promotion of knowledge, skills and awareness. We also partner to develop a range of online options to reach a worldwide audience.



Raise of public awareness of threats to local built heritage (old and new) and other urgent issues affecting urban quality of life, using public participation tools including charrettes and workshops for the design and revitalisation of public spaces and towns. We will work to restore continuity in the repository of knowledge, skills and cultures of building.



Collaboration with the partners of our network, both between country chapters, and groups within each chapter region, as well as allied organisations, to make substantial and needed changes in policy, education and best practice.