Discovering the Unexplored Areas among Koman and Fierza Lakes

During the spring of 2017 INTBAU Albania had worked on the project “Discovering the Unexplored Areas among Koman and Fierza Lakes”, by emphasizing the close relation that they have with the Drini River. On 6-7th of May 2017, INTBAU Albania successfully organized the ‘Drin Day’ event, with two main goals- the preparation of a guide of the architectural heritage along the Drini River Fronts; and the field trip along the River Drini Basin with the main stopover on the Archeological site of the Koman. It was an activity developed within the framework of Drin CORDA and GWP-Med. The participating group comprised a wide range of experts and shared many ideas and proposals on the preservation of natural and cultural resources, as well as on the future development for the Drin River Basin.